About us

Hi, thanks for reading our blog.  We are Nick & Cathy ;o)


We started this blog to keep our friends and family updated with our travels around Europe in our motorhome, which started on 1st April 2014.  Knowing (sadly) that life is too short, we have always tried to live life to the full and have enjoyed discovering new places and have been fortunate to enjoy many spectacular holidays from trekking to Macchu Piccu, to motorcycling in Norway and South Africa, touring in the USA as well as several visits to Australia to visit Nick’s sister.


A “selfie” taken just below the Arctic Circle on our motorbike trip to Norway


2 days in on the Inca Trail, having successfully got to the top of Dead Woman’s Pass


This was one of our camping stops in Norway on our GS1200 Adventure (aptly named) and lightweight tent

As the strap line says we like to fill our years with life and not our life with years.  The decision to ‘go off travelling’ was a big one and something we pondered over long and hard.  But to coin another well worn phrase ‘you are a long time dead’ and as you get older you become more aware of your own mortality as friends and family leave this mortal coil.  No, we haven’t won the lottery – we simply quit our desk jobs in London and rented out our house near Chelmsford in Essex, UK. Who knows how long we will be on the road!    

Maybe we will see you along the way?

Thanks again for reading our blog.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Good on yer mate – enjoy the ride. I’m loving retirement and the freedom to travel. We’ve gone back to camping these last couple of years allowing us to go where and when we please !!!

    • Hi Chan. I think I am well out of LBG. There are a lot of unhappy bunnies left behind. And besides we want to have some adventures whilst we can. All the best

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