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5 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi,

    Just started reading your blog and am looking forward to sharing your adventures in a vicarious sort of way. I don’t want to be a harbinger of doom but I’d be wary about putting your LPs in the loft as the temperature in the roof space can get very high and possibly warp the vinyl; after all, if you’re going to the trouble of hefting them up there you probably don’t want them looking like a Pringle when you get back.

    Anyway, hope everything goes well.


  2. Hi Norman. Thanks for following our blog. Also thanks for the tip re the LP’s. Our loft is quite large and well ventilated, and whilst it does get hot I think my vinyl will be ok given I will store it well, with the LP’s vertical and stored tightly in strong boxes

  3. Hi Nick and Kathy, have enjoyed reading your blog, great reading . Hope your both well and still enjoying your travels. We have fond memories of our holiday at La Comte, and we’re still in touch with Hayley and Chris in fact we have met up with them twice since our return from France, they have become good friends. It was lovely meeting you both and we look forward to reading lots more of your travel adventures. x John and Jack Aston . (Mr Red Belly)

    • Hi Jacks and Mr Red Belly. Great to see you signed up. We are currently in Spain in the Picos De Europa. Absolutely stunning. Our blog is a bit behind we intend to update in the next few days. It was great to meet you two and the rest of the ‘gang’ and maybe we will meet up again!

  4. Hi Nic and Cathy

    Happy New Year to you both and sorry we missed you leaving Messines (although your blog now explains why). Thanks again for helping us with the fridge problem – it’s been working fine since then. We are still here and enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s been lovely weather until yesterday evening when we had torrential rain and the same today! However it’s keeping the dust down and the sun is now shining again. Hope to meet up with you again in our travels.

    Kath and Howie

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