Meet Aurora


Aurora relaxing in the Austrian Alps

Aurora is a Dethleffs 7870L ‘A’ class motorhome.  She is a big girl, weighing in at 5 tonnes and is 8.2 metres long.  She is very comfortable and has all the attributes to full-time. She has a massive garage at the rear so we can securely pack our chairs, bicycles and SOO (pronounced “Sue”) our trusty 1997 Honda C90 Cub motorbike.


Aurora lounge

Aurora’s lounge



Aurora kitchen

Aurora’s kitchen


One of the most important factors is that she is fully winterised, which means that all services such as water etc are contained within a heated double floor to prevent them freezing, which is vital as we anticipate that we will include an annual skiing trip as part of our lifestyle.

Mind you she didn’t always look like this.  She was previously owned by Muc Off, a cleaning products company, who used her as their events vehicle at shows in and around the UK and Europe.  She was definitely noticeable when driving her around which we did for a month or so.  We eventually had the wrap removed to return her to her former glory.

Aurora Muc Off


Aurora in her Muc Off disguise



Cathy unwraps Aurora – “We can’t drive round in a vehicle that says ‘lube’ all over it, especially as we have already had one woman knock on the door for it!”


And SOO (being part of the registration), pronounced “Sue” came too:


So why Aurora?  

One of our ‘bucket list’ items is to see the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights).  To do this you need to visit Norway in the depths of winter.  However we also wanted to travel around Norway on a motorcycle so in 2011 we did just that and took our BMW GS1200 Adventure on the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark.  We rode up to the northern most point to Hirshalls and crossed to Kristiansand.  We then spent almost three weeks  witnessing some of the most exhilarating views you can experience in Europe.  We crossed the Arctic Circle before heading over to the Lofoten Islands.  Whilst camping there we noticed a few motorhomes parked alongside some breathtaking settings (it’s “free to roam” in Norway) and thought to ourselves that motorhoming would be a great way to travel (and so the initial seed was sewn!)   We also met a father and daughter who were French nationals who ran a small Cafe.

The daughter’s name was Aurora, hence the name of the Cafe. We had a great evening meal there and spent several hours chatting to them both.  Martin proved to be quite inspirational in that he had quit his job working for a French bank due to the stresses of the role and moved to Norway where he met a new partner and led a much more fullfilling life.   He now runs his own business selling pre-fabricated houses, sourced from Estonia, to the French, and all over the internet from his Norwegian haven!  IMG_7946

It all seemed to connect, so when we bought our motorhome there was only one name that seemed to fit.

It is our intention to one day take her back to Norway in the winter time and see the Aurora Borealis!!


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