Motorhoming Tips!

Part 1: Tips for winter camping:  

These are a mixture of our own experiences and some that have been passed on by fellow motor homers.

  •  If you are considering buying a motorhome and want to use it all year round ensure it has the Alde central heating!  This is a wet system and is just like your central heating at home.  It runs on electric or gas.  Some also have a heat exchanger which uses the engines heat to warm the MH whilst on the move so you arrive at your destination all toasty!  If you are not on hook up and using the gas they are also very economical on your leisure batteries requiring only a small amount of power to run the 12 volt circulation pump.  The system also provides piping hot water.
  • Insulate your roof lights with thermal inserts.  It is amazing how much heat ‘leaks’ through your roof lights so use some of the reflective sheeting you can buy from B&Q to put behind your household radiators.
  • Thermal screens are a must!  You loose a phenomenal amount of heat through your windscreen, especially in an A class.  They also prevent all that nasty condensation.
  • You can also prevent further heat loss by covering your engine radiator grille with a tarp, which also will prevent wind blown snow entering your engine bay and maybe causing electrical or starting problems.
  • Smear vaseline around your locker seals to stop them freezing shut.
  • Suspend your EHU power cable above the ground e.g. in a tree/bush as if you leave it lying on the ground it may get covered in snow and then freeze solid! This is from bitter experience! It took me half an hour of chipping away with a shovel to get ours out!
  • Don’t use your electric step as it may freeze. Use an upturned milk crate which also acts as an effective boot scraper.  Additionally the snow falls through it.  (You can also use it store bottles when you use it the right way up – genius!!!)
  • Squirt WD40 into all your locks regularly to drive out any moisture to prevent them freezing.

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